Dan Perkins The person

It would be easy to put Dan Perkins into a category: Author; Commentator; Speaker; TV/Radio Personality; Veteran, but to do so would limit this multi-faceted person. In essence, Dan Perkins is all of these and more. 

Dan has been married to his wife Gerri for 50 years. They have four sons and four grandchildren. While managing a successful money management business for 45 years, serving as a veteran and starting a non-profit (Songs and Stories for Soldiers), Dan and Gerri decided to spend their winters in Florida.

The author

In 2012, while relaxing on Sanibel Island, FL, Dan decided to take a writing class at the Big Arts Center to help fill his vacation hours. He did not envision himself as a writer, and certainly not an author. The first night of class, the instructor told the class, “In two weeks you will know if you can be a writer.” He laughingly thought that if nothing else, he could go back to his golf game—it needed work!

After the first class and one night at the keyboard, Dan came back with 1,000 words, a title, story line and even some of the main characters. He had already formalized the ending. And as they say, “the rest is history.”

Five and a half years ago, Dan learned something important about himself. Writing was a gift and it came naturally to him. He has published three books in his first series, The Brotherhood of the Red Nile; recently completed his fourth novel, Ted Baker, In Terrorist Gold; completed three children’s book, and is working on his next novel, Abraham Lincoln’s Second Assassination. His mind continually envisions story lines and plots, twists and turns and ways to keep his stories alive and his readers coming back for more. He learned, he is indeed, a writer.

The commentator

From books to commentaries, Dan will be the first to say, that writing becomes part of who you are; it completes a person. He writes commentaries, opinion pieces, kid’s books, newspaper articles on various topics and content for radio and TV programs. He writes.

For many years, Dan’s financial money management business provided a reason to keep himself entrenched in politics and current events: It made sense to know what was happening. But he realized that his interest in the political world was much greater than just the financial portion. It became a passion for him, eventually leading him to his first book series. 

In between writing books, he developed a keen nose for what is real news and what is not. He soon came to the realization that not all news being reported is 1, Factual; 2, Unbiased; and 3, Comprehensible. 

So he began a quest to provide a way for people to understand what is being written “between the lines.” He wants people to understand that much of our news is swept under the rug or deemed unnecessary for the average citizen. It has become a way for Big Business and Government to control what we read, hear and understand.

By partnering with such reputable publications as,,,,, the and many others, he sheds light on what is actually truth in journalism, not what has been whitewashed for all those being brainwashed to understand. He puts forth his business experience and challenges his readers to open their minds to new insight and ways of taking a closer look at our world.

The tv/radio personality

Sitting at a computer screen and writing words is much different than standing in front of a room of people or talking into a microphone that reaches thousands of listeners. A writer is almost invisible. But TV, live audiences, radio programs, these are real people, with ideologies and thoughts of their own. 

While spending many years meeting one-on-one, Dan had to learn how to master new kinds of interaction: Storytelling; debating; interviewing. He has learned to discuss current topics that are sometimes not politically correct and often times, uncomfortable

Yet this expansion into a new area brought greater material for his writing. He researches. He interviews others. He has become a local authority on radio. He has become a stronger writer because of it.

He is part of several a weekly syndicated radio shows, that can be heard on iHeart radio and on Let’s Just Talk (radio and TV). He is on Bill Martinez Live, American Heroes Network and many other personal interviews, all of which can be found on this web site.

The veteran

Before his current position as writer, Dan was a veteran. His time in the service made him keenly aware of the struggles faced by veterans, from every branch, from every timeframe. Seeing the numbers of suicides mount to a staggering 22 each day in the US, and the overwhelming effects on both veterans and their families who suffer from PTSD, Dan and Gerri founded Songs and Stories for Soldiers. This incredible program (501C, non-profit) provides MP3 players to soldiers, allowing them to download over three-million songs, 100,000 audio books, 30,000 old time radio programs and four additional hours of sleep audios.

It is all provided free of charge to the soldiers, supported by donations and gifts from around the country. Gerri has become an invaluable partner in this organization. They are in 110 hospitals, clinic and veteran service organizations across the United States. To date, they have donated more than 15,000 MP3 packages. Their goal is to continue with this incredible work for many years to come. For only $10, you can put a life-saving MP3 player in the hand of a solider who may need to find hope just to get through another night. Many have responded with how important this was in the healing process they faced. The gift you give could save the life of an American Hero.

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